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Make Your Home Interior More Amazing with Home Theatre
Home Interior with Home Theatre
This article is about tips on Home interior. How does your home interior becomes more beautiful and attractive by adding a home theater devices. Your home is not only becomes more impressive, but also more colorful. Alloy paint color on the walls and sills are not enough, but it must be added the trappings of home theater electronics. Types and brands of home theater is to your taste. Most important is the placement in accordance with spacious rooms, the decor of the room and the color of your room.
Home theater has quickly become something that "must have" every family nowadays. Starting from the form / family room simple arrangement through a specially designed Home interior with shape and seating arrangements are made regularly, home theater today is no longer something expensive that can be enjoyed by rich people only. The thing that makes home theater differ from each other not only influenced by the completeness of its parts, but also the look of the home theater.
Home Interior Design with Home Theater. In this case, the look associated with home theater decor or how we as owners decorating. The process of decorating a home theater depends on the condition of the room, how well the room and the room of lighting can serve as an entertainment center for the family and your friends. Whatever your budget, create a cozy theater and not boring is easy to do. Here are some ideas / idea to create "theater that can make you have fun."
Home Interior Design with Home Theater. The initial step, painting the walls and ceiling / ceiling room of the. For the selection of paint colors, adjust the color of the paint the walls with your favorite color. But I suggest you use a paint color slightly darker, for example gray, light gray, maroon, etc. You also design imagination with a variety of wallpaper, as long as it makes you comfort, do as you wish.
For flooring, choose material that is easily cleaned surface or it could have been carpet rug (carpet) are colored a bit darker. It is useful to disguise the dirt on the floor of your room. For the arrangement of light, select recessed lighting (light frame that is planted on the ceiling) or downlight, use a bulb with a simple shape, for the kind or type of light bulb can be used types of incandescent bulbs, commonly known as incandescent lamps. Add dimmer control / dimmer switches to create and set up the dramatic effects of light to make it more realistic.
Home Interior Design Home Theater. If your budget is still possible, you can consider to make the seat (seat) two levels as the existing arrangement distadion seat. How to make it by using plywood solid and 2 s / d 4 arrangement of beams, so that you can elevate one area / seating section (usually a seat on the back is made higher) so that any person who resides in the home theater has a viewing angle the good one.
Home Interior Design Home Theater. Speaking about the seating for the home theater (home theater seat), some furniture stores provide theater seating with 2 or 4 seats together, theater seating is equipped with a place to put drinks on the armrest cup (arm rest). Some home theater seating is made from a variety of materials and colors, but the most popular use is the material of genuine leather or skin which is more lenient.
If your room is not too wide or you want there is an area within the room more intimate, you can buy a second seat reclaining dark leather with 2 reclaining  seat with a simple table. Put a blanket and a cushion of air over each seat as a finishing touch for your convenience.
Now it's time to add accessories to your home theater, posters of old movies is one accessory that is great for any home theater. Especially if the poster is a poster of your favorite movie. You can search the movie poster via video stores that sell craft or art objects. You can also find a wide collection of classic movie posters on the internet. Large poster frames are usually relatively inexpensive and can be found in various hawkers painting, frame shop or craft store.
Please check and compare prices or discounts given by each store so you can save even more. Thick red velvet can be used as a frame around your television screen, or to absorb light from the crack in the window, or as a substitute for paint wall coverings. If you buy velvet material excess, use excess or leftover from the red velvet to create a rug groove starts from the entrance to the home theater with a seating area (seating area).
No home theater is not equipped with food and drinks. If space is still allowed indoors, fill out your home theater with a tiny built-in bar. Complete with sink and rack / cabinet or closet small to store glassware and your culinary equipment.
Bar a complete home theater usually consists of a microwave, refrigerator / small cooler filled with various soft drinks, various fruit drinks (juice), bottled drinks, and popcorn will be guaranteed your room is filled with a variety of appetizing aroma.
Home Theater for your home interior of Minibar 
Home interior in Mini bar
To make it easier, you can buy or make a closet / storage shelves, entertainment system to accommodate audio-visual equipment, or your dvd collection. If possible or available, choose the components (shelves or entertainment system) that matches the color of the walls in the room or can also wall color with the color components in the room. Harmony color of the walls and the components inside the room will make all of this in the room seemed to blend.
Lastly, to determine the point at the center of your home theater, the thing to note is choosing equipment. Please note that you may find the system and speaker configuration that can be installed to wall that your walls still look clean and tidy. The outer part of the speakers can be painted and treated in such a way that looks together and it looks invisible.
If the projector with a large screen does not allow for you to purchase, a standard-sized television with surround sound quality is also pretty good for use. Add a tuner, an audio device (amplifier, etc.), and speaker configuration for maximum sound quality.
Home theater made for a fun, relaxing and resting place for family members, a place to spend time together while enjoying the entertainment. The process of decorating the room should be based on comfort, so that later you can enjoy your favorite movies or events there, your home theater, the most comfortable resting place, in your own home.  Congratulations to organize and decorate your home interior with the home theater. Please ou read the other articles like Home Decorating Ideas in this blog.

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