Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Home Decoration

Tips & Tricks to Home Decoration

Home Decoration
By altering the arrangement or layout of furniture in the house, change the location of a vase, painting or replacing sekesar curtains will make your home interior feels different. You actually do not need to buy a new display let alone buy new furniture. Try our suggestions regarding interior home decoration tips

1. With a little creativity, you can create your own replicas or imitations of expensive items to  interior home decoration. The surface of the furniture or goods you can cover with paper patterned marble. Or, for furniture table or chair, you also can paint its legs with a golden color.

2. You can also paint part of the wall on one side only, and not all of the side walls, furniture coloring is quite partial. In essence, it is not always of furniture or side-wall has a single color.

3. Put your book in a horizontal position or recline. Although it seems simple, but in this way can make the interior  your home decoration will look more different and interesting. And it is also easy and inexpensive.

4. Hang a painting with a slightly long cable, to be seen clearly. This way is not really long enough and it is usually done by our grandmother, but home decoration can give the illusion and can make the room will feel lighter.

5. Change the arrangement of pictures or photographs on the wall, for example a pattern of vertical, horizontal, or circular. Be diligent experimenting until you really convenient viewing.

6. Try using long pillow and a box (different forms) on the sofa or on the carpeted floor. Choose a different size pillows and dang bright color contrast.

7. If in the room there is a work desk, then try positioned toward the window. In this way in addition to more healthy would also seem more relaxed. But note if the high table height exceeds the bottom window, it does not need.

8. For the bedroom, you can create new things and like to put the former frame on the rear frame of the bed or commonly called the headboard.

9. Experimenting with design sofa. Try to mix styles of furnitures such as sofa blends combining form "legs" with sofa "no legs". By combining the two styles will give the impression eclectic special.

10.Tips lastly of interior Home decoration, make your home seem higher, for example by placing paintings and photographs on a shelf or door or shelf. It will be "herding" the eyes to look upward and make the room seem bigger and taller.
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