Friday, October 9, 2015

Lighting Element

Lighting Element Makes Your Home More Comfortable

Lighting Element: Home decor
Lighting element in home design is one factor in creating comfort in the room as well as supporting activities that take place in every room.
Broadly speaking, to support / organize the lighting element in buildings must consider several factors as follows:

1. daylighting
Direction of the fall sunshine. (Related to the home position against the direction of the light / sunlight)
Limited exposure time (between the hours of 06:00 to 18:00) (daytime)
The effects of radiation, direct / indirect with the activity in the room.
The influence of weather - the weather that will arise.

2. illustrations room lighting
The use of natural light, especially morning light is needed in the room because the morning light is healthy. To set the quality of sunlight in the morning as expected, can be done by lighting element like: Maximizing through ventilation openings so that light can enter into room without disturbing the comfort

Artificial Lighting: Home decor
3. Using vegetation as a filter sunlight.
High sun glare can result either direct or reflected light, it can be anticipated by using the canopy as a barrier / shade.

4. Artificial lighting

In the lighting element on the inside of the room greatly affect their activity and function of the building. because it can provide a different atmosphere in the room
Artificial lighting or lights may give an impression that is not boring to a building or space, and artificial lighting can create a different atmosphere in the room, from the shape and color that is used.

5. illustration artificial light
This method of lighting element can be used by using both light bulbs for the home or outside the home, for example:
Type lights Up-Down Light
Type Projector lamp
Type lamp Ground
Type lamp Floodlight
Type lights Under Water

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