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Tips & Tricks in Maximize the Kitchen Function

Maximice the Kitchen
It most often occurs in the kitchen is a cook messy, filled with plates, cups, spoons, forks, and other cooking equipment; various foodstuffs also overlaps with stale food; and the most troublesome: there is no place empty for cooking or storing food and kitchen utensils. To circumvent it, you need to maximize all the storage space in the kitchen. I will summarize the ways helpful for you.

Use the back box or wooden box

Old wooden box that is usually removed or disposed of can be used again as a storage rack for the kitchen utensils as well. If you do not have, you can make it out of wood ex. To adorn it, you can just coat with varnish. And to maximize the function, also post the hooks on the side for hooking a number of cooking utensils.

Take advantage of the window

If the walls of your kitchen is already stocked with shelves filled with various kinds of foodstuffs or kitchen appliances, you can glance at the window for optimized function. The trick is simple, you just put a wire or cable in the window and give him some hooks for hanging pans, pans, and the like. This method is also useful to add to your privacy from the outside view when cooking.

Create a safe place herbs

Kitchen function
Bottle or jar is usually used as a place to store herbs, especially soft. Unfortunately. The jars are sometimes very time-consuming because we use a lot of places at the same jar. The surplus, the jar is not too heavy. To outsmart, just nail jar lid right under the kitchen cabinets or kitchen set. If you require seasoning, you can simply rotate the jar from the bottom. Not smart?

Consider the area above the door

If your storage space is still less, why not take advantage of the wall over the kitchen door? The area usually is not used. You can put up shelves surround the door, the door regardless alley or indeed just a door. The way you can advance wooding doors and make the shelves on the right side to the upper left, as seen in the picture.

Hangers Long

If you do not like with a nail, create long chains should hangers. This method is quite effective in saving space. Just find an empty wall, and create a chain of wood lengthwise. You can hang anything there, ranging from the kitchen spice rack up cooking utensils. Simple and not eating place.

Combine All

Combine shelves, hangers, hooks, and a jar in one place, as seen in the picture. S-shaped hook is not a new idea, but it's still a very powerful tool to save space. Also create a small rack of wire as a place to put the spice jar. For jars and bottles are heavy, you can put it on the top shelf. Read also about bathroom.

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